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Digital table clock SMOULDER: with light sensor – display glows in the dark – alarm and snooze function, date and...
Art. no.: 56-0401018

Alarm clock MODERN RETRO: with digital time and date display, two alarm times can be set, various alarm times for...
Art. no.: 56-0401019

Weather station SUNNY TIMES with LCD screen, alarm clock, date display, thermometer, and a removable stand on the...
Art. no.: 56-0401031

Weather station SHINY DAY with LCD screen, aluminium front, alarm clock, date display, thermometer, and a fold-out...
Art. no.: 56-0401032

Radio-controlled clock NO LIMIT with LCD screen, alarm clock, date display, and thermometer, with blue background...
Art. no.: 56-0401034

Weather station COLOUR with alarm function, date and time display, hygrometer and thermometer (for °C and °F), lit...
Art. no.: 56-0401074

Projection alarm clock COLOUR PRO with a red LED projector, weather forecast, alarm function, date and time display, ...
Art. no.: 56-0401077

Clock TEAR OPEN in a tin: with analogue time display, flap can only be opened once - with stand, eyelet for hanging...
Art. no.: 56-0401203

Wall clock CHIMNEY: in Christmas design and analogue time display, battery 1 x AA (excl.)
Art. no.: 56-0401208

Aluminium wall clock JUPITER with hygrometer and thermometer and a wide frame
Art. no.: 56-0401220

LCD alarm clock BUTLER with a built-in pen holder, date display, and thermometer
Art. no.: 56-0401315

Rectangular wall clock SATURN with hygrometer and thermometer
Art. no.: 56-0401517

Wireless alarm GET UP: with LCD display, alarm function, FM radio incl. program memory, music output: 3 watt, to be...
Art. no.: 56-0406285

Wall clock HEMERA: with quartz movement
Art. no.: 58-0400940

Wall clock ROUNDABOUT: aluminium frame and clock-face, with edges wide enough to carry your logo
Art. no.: 58-0401217

Weather station CALOR: with thermometer, hygrometer, humidity and time display, blue LED background lighting, made...
Art. no.: 58-0401795

Table clock BELL in the shape of a bell tower with analogue time display, white dial and black clock hands, alarm...
Art. no.: 58-8044004