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149 articles in category Children

Childrens safety vest VICTORY with reflectors
Art. no.: 56-0399003

Anti-stress ball JUGGLE
Art. no.: 56-0402108

Anti-stress ball JUGGLE
Art. no.: 56-0402109

Anti-stress aeroplane TAKE OFF
Art. no.: 56-0402111

Anti-stress heart AMOR
Art. no.: 56-0402118

Anti-stress football KICK OFF
Art. no.: 56-0402127

Anti-stress star STARLET
Art. no.: 56-0402129

Anti-stress star STARLET
Art. no.: 56-0402130

Anti-stress star STARLET
Art. no.: 56-0402131

Anti-stress star STARLET
Art. no.: 56-0402132

Handy square-shaped puzzle PASTIME
Art. no.: 56-0407106

Learning and playing clock COLOURED TIME: for playful learning of the time, with moveable watch hands, made of wood
Art. no.: 56-0501025

Yoyo UPSIDE DOWN made out of natural wood
Art. no.: 56-0501044

Colourful skipping rope ANIMAL ANIMATION with different animal designs (elephant, monkey, zebra, and giraffe) on the handles
Art. no.: 56-0501049

4-piece aeroplane SKY HOPPER to assemble, consists of plastic slingshot with elastic band, 3 pieces of foamed rubber,...
Art. no.: 56-0501055

Ring toss game CRAZY LOOP made of wood, in frog design, incl. 4 toss rings with wooden marks in different colours
Art. no.: 56-0501058

Wooden bookmarks FUNNY ANIMALS 4-times assorted, with funny animal heads and ruler on the back of the bookmark
Art. no.: 56-0501070

Push puppets FLOWER POWER, 4 assorted colours
Art. no.: 56-0501076

Giant plush bear GUNNAR: in sitting position, with soft fur and bow around the neck, weight: approx. 850 g, with heart to...
Art. no.: 56-0502059

Plush owl HELGA: extra soft fur – ears, nose, feet offset with cloth, with cloth bow tie at the neck, heart to print on
Art. no.: 56-0502066

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